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It won’t take much searching on XDA developers to find a copy of the as yet unreleased Flash 10.2 for Android.   I’m currently testing it on an Advent Vega tablet, BBC iPlayer is showing improved performance for a start.  Skipping to the middle of a video no longer puts the audio out of sync […]

I’ve held off posting this because frankly I thought it was bullshit when I heard about it. I have since tested though and my battery life does seem to have increased by at least a third, so I must at least recommend you try the following: 1) Turn your device ON and charge the device […]

As expected, the Z is just a Desire with a slide out keyboard and the HD is the European Evo 4G Engadget have some cool pictures of the Desire Z/Vision

I’ve been holding off posting anything about the 2.2 upgrade for the HTC Desire the last few days.  There have been rumours much like the long delayed HTC Hero update and I simply wasn’t going to fall for it until someone actually confirmed from HTC themselves. It looks like that day has finally come, the official […]

[Warning: Rooting and flashing aren’t for those of a weak constitution.  If you’re not sure about it, don’t do it.  For the brave, this is surprisingly easy though not without minor risk.] I finally had enough of waiting for HTC to bake Sense UI into Android 2.2, I need my tasty treats now.  I already […]

HTC have finally come out and said that the Legend, Desire and Wildfire will all get Froyo/Android 2.2 in Q3 of this year.

This is going to end up like the HTC Hero 2.1 update rumours, I can see it already. Someone emails HTC spuuort (allegedly) and gets a reply back saying that the update will be in the next two weeks. This is despite the previous rumour of the update arriving on the 23rd June (well, I […]