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The Advent Vega isn’t looking terrible so far, I’m actually considering it just for browsing, reading comics and DivX videos through RockPlayer.  It’s not as slick as the iPad but the specs sheet it like a geek’s wet dream in comparisson.  It’s £250 which is a mind boggling price compared to the Galaxy Tab, and […]

Unrevoked has been updated so that you can root the new HTC Android handsets with Android 2.2 installed in only one click

UPDATE: Turns out both apps ARE now in the UK Android Market at last Voice Search Search Widget — …you can get a copy of the APK files from Paul O’Brien, infamous Modaco ROM creator, here. You will need 3rd Party sources turned on on your phone to install (Menu -> Settings -> tick “Unknown […]

I’ve been holding off posting anything about the 2.2 upgrade for the HTC Desire the last few days.  There have been rumours much like the long delayed HTC Hero update and I simply wasn’t going to fall for it until someone actually confirmed from HTC themselves. It looks like that day has finally come, the official […]

[Warning: Rooting and flashing aren’t for those of a weak constitution.  If you’re not sure about it, don’t do it.  For the brave, this is surprisingly easy though not without minor risk.] I finally had enough of waiting for HTC to bake Sense UI into Android 2.2, I need my tasty treats now.  I already […]

superetrader have a summary of the HTC Ace rumours so far.  It might end up being called the HTC Desire HD in the UK, allegedly in October. “HTC Desire HD (Ace) Features and Spec: 4.3 inch WVGA Touch Screen 8 Mega Pixel Camera 1 GHZ Qualcomm Processor Android 2.2 OS HD 720p Video Capture Xvid […]

Vodafone is the only UK operator carrying the Nexus One currently, they seem to have missed the whole point of the device though. N1 fans  are buying the phone with the implicit promise that it will always get the latest version of Android as soon as Google release it.  In fact, Vodafone promised in writing […]