About the rumours of Microsoft buying Nokia…


I’ve been thinking about the “Nokia handset business being bought out by MS” rumours.  It sounds pretty crazy at first,what would be left of Nokia?

My guess is this scenario:

*Microsoft buy the handset division for unknown billions of dollars in pocket change.

*Nokia are left with their all their  thousands of patents and intellectual property.  Also, a ton of cash in the bank.

*Nokia become a mobile technology R&D firm that licenses out its inventions (they could license to all the major manufacturers.Enemies now become clients all of a sudden)

This reminds me a bit of a little firm in Cambridge called ARM.  They don’t make their own microprocessors but the research and license their own designs that are now in nearly all mobile devices.

Nokia already plough billions in to R&D so this kind of makes sense.

13 Responses to “About the rumours of Microsoft buying Nokia…”

  1. I can’t help be feel saddened by the idea of Microsoft owning Nokia.

    I miss the old days of Nokia! When the N95 ruled the world.

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