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This is a nice added feature for both Kindle hardware and the apps; book lending. Advertisements

This is an interesting explanation of the Skype meltdown last week. 

It’s not my bag, but if you’re interested Comet now have the tab for £400.

Looks like you can nowdelegate access to your Gmail account like corporate email. I can’t think of any other webmail services that allow this.

Give this a try and let me know how it goes.

Andy Rubin has let slip that Google Talk will have built in video chat in Android 3.0(Honeycomb), available early next year.

Android 2.3 is only a minor upgrade but Lifehacker have a nice visual tour of the new features for end users. We knew this was going to be a minor update with a 0.1 increment in version number, Honeycomb will most likely be Android 3.0 (and probably with a visual overhaul by Matias Duarte)