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Well this changes the game in terms of HTML5 video codecs. MPEG-LA, the patent pool organisation for the H.264 codec, have said it will be royalty free for web videos, forever.  This pretty much puts an end to the main complaint of Google and other open codec supporters that wanted OGG Theora/WebM/VP8 to be adopted […]

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Lifehacker have a list of their favourite Android apps here. There’s some good stuff in there,  I can personally attest to the awesomeness of RockPlayer.    It’s a flawless DivX/Xvid/MKV player for SD video (mileage will vary on HD content according to your device).  It’s free on the Market, £10 to remove adverts.  A small price to […]

I’ve held off posting this because frankly I thought it was bullshit when I heard about it. I have since tested though and my battery life does seem to have increased by at least a third, so I must at least recommend you try the following: 1) Turn your device ON and charge the device […]

Just seen this fantastic hack for GMail from Kevin Rose, creator of Digg: “#2: (Gmail only) Keep the spam out.  If you’re giving your address to a potentially shady website, tack on +spam to the end, example: You can then filter those emails into a spam folder you check periodically. (ProTip: the +spam is […]

As expected, the Z is just a Desire with a slide out keyboard and the HD is the European Evo 4G Engadget have some cool pictures of the Desire Z/Vision

Don’t want your friends checking your location in for all and sundry to see? Lifehacker will show you how to disable Facebook Places Once again, a social network decides that the default option for infringing my privacy should be “enabled”