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Is the answer to the iPhone 3G sluggishness under iOS 4 to turn off Spotlight options? Settings->General->Home Button->Spotlight Search UPDATE: Lifehacker have a far more comprehensive set of steps to improve the 3G’s performance under iOS 4 here

I’ve been holding off posting anything about the 2.2 upgrade for the HTC Desire the last few days.  There have been rumours much like the long delayed HTC Hero update and I simply wasn’t going to fall for it until someone actually confirmed from HTC themselves. It looks like that day has finally come, the official […]

Schedule pretty much any action you like then?  Not tried it yet but it looks seriously useful.

Lifehacker did the hard work so you don’t have to; a matrix of each iPhone version and the associated jailbreak method.  Fantastic work.

There was talk yesterday of Amazon’s Kindle being out of stock but it seems the reason why is now revealed. Amazon have announced a new version that’s lighter, thinner, has faster page refresh and is cheaper. More importantly, it’s finally available in the UK at £109 for the WiFi version and £149 with 3G enabled.   […]

Looks like this one is mostly interface refinement.  Places has been separated and now has it’s own launcher icon.  They’ve also added business hours in Places, which is helpful.

I’ve set up a system at home so that when I’m out I can drop torrents in a specific Dropbox folder and my server will automatically kick off the download while I’m out.  The only problem is that the Android Dropbox application only lets you upload photos, text or video files.  Not torrents. Sendtodropbox looks […]