If you’re finding that you’re GMail app on Android keeps getting auto sync disabled I might have the answer to your problem.

Since the very latest version you can download updates to GMail directly from the Android Market; this is to reduce fragmentation by allowing integral Android components to be updated across all phones regardless of Android version.

The problem is that you now have the option to move the app to SD card if you need to save internal memory.

If you do this, GMail won’t immediately be detected after a reboot while the SD card is mounting.  Much like installing widgets to SD causes issues at start up, it seems with GMail auto sync is disabled until you go in and select it after boot (Settings->Accounts and Sync->[Select the Google account]->tick ‘Sync GMail’)

To prevent this problem, just make sure you only install GMail on to the phone’s internal memory and not the SD Card (Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->[select GMail]->Move to Phone).

Windows 8 fail


Windows 8’s tablet interface just got shown off at D9 and it looks like WinPho essentially.A great idea right?  Slick new interface design,exactly what was needed.


MS just revealed that there is not a cut down version of Windows got tablets,it’s all the same bloated version for tablets and desktops.

I know that I did a 180 on this 2 years ago when I originally said iPad should run full OS X with a touch interface but frankly Apple proved me wrong.  MS are just ignoring their past tablet failures and Apple’s triumph.

This bloated monstrosity is going to take up gigs of space and other resources and no doubt increase the cost of devices above iPad territory.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I never though is see the day when the entire consumer electronics industry failed to compete with Apple on price of all things.

True to their word (early even) Asus are pushing out the Transformer Android 3.1 update now.

If you want to force a check then go to Settings, About Tablet and choose System Update

I’ve been thinking about the “Nokia handset business being bought out by MS” rumours.  It sounds pretty crazy at first,what would be left of Nokia?

My guess is this scenario:

*Microsoft buy the handset division for unknown billions of dollars in pocket change.

*Nokia are left with their all their  thousands of patents and intellectual property.  Also, a ton of cash in the bank.

*Nokia become a mobile technology R&D firm that licenses out its inventions (they could license to all the major manufacturers.Enemies now become clients all of a sudden)

This reminds me a bit of a little firm in Cambridge called ARM.  They don’t make their own microprocessors but the research and license their own designs that are now in nearly all mobile devices.

Nokia already plough billions in to R&D so this kind of makes sense.

I’ve noticed some lag (and the occasional crash) on the Asus Transformer’s Honeycomb browser since the last minor update.

Now I understand the Android 3.1 update in June will make the browser, and the OS in general, a hell of a lot more stable but for those tablets that don’t have an announced upgrade date yet, try this:

1) Open the browser and type the following in the address


2) Nothing will appear to have happened; go to the menu button in the top right though and you will notice some extra menu items have been added.

Select Settings

3) In the Settings menu select Debug on the left and uncheck Enable OpenGL Rendering to turn it off.

You’re done.  Now I haven’t seen any negative side effects from this, in fact the browser seems more stable and there is less keyboard lag as a result too.  I’ll update if I find any problems.

(Props to Asus if they get the 3.1 upgrade out in June, it’s a really good sign that they’re taking updates seriously.  I understand the Acer Iconia update will be around the same time.)

If I’m reading this right,the Xoom WiFi costs £200 MORE than the Asus Transformer.For pretty much exactly the same hardware,if not better on the Asus(the Transformer has an IPS display like iPad but at a higher resolution.  And a working SD slot unlike the Xoom).

When are manufacturers going to stop the greed and realise that if you can’t even compete with Apple on price then you’re in trouble.

Thank god,the idea of no more Engadget podcast with Josh Topolsky and Nilay Patel was a depressing prospect.  Luckily the two ex-Engadget Editors have announced a new podcast: