Archive for March, 2011 Q3 release to break with tradition as well? Advertisements There are already a few divx playing apps (Rockplayer, vplayer) but its always nice to see a VLC port.

Honeycomb?Dual Processor?960×540 display?Yes please. Upgrading from a Desire to a Desire S just isn’t worth the effort.

It won’t take much searching on XDA developers to find a copy of the as yet unreleased Flash 10.2 for Android.   I’m currently testing it on an Advent Vega tablet, BBC iPlayer is showing improved performance for a start.  Skipping to the middle of a video no longer puts the audio out of sync […]

You might want to hold off on updating your Google Maps for Android; looks like a lot of people are reporting the search function no longer works since updating. I can confirm that it’s broken on my Advent Vega but fine on the HTC Desire.  Hopefully an update will fix this shortly. Finally someone has seen sense and priced a good tablet competitively against Apple. This makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s initial £600+ price point even more comical.