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If you’re having problems downloading apps (Download Paused or Unsuccessful Download messages), it’s not you, it’s the market.   Google have acknowledged there are issues at the moment.  I don’t know if this is related to Google Maps 4.6 being released today as well Advertisements

…it’s real and it’s an Android

Nexus 2 rumours


No wordon who is making the Nexus Two or even the veracity of the claims that it’s on it’s way with Gingerbread.  Allegedly it’s going to be sold through Carphone warehouse. This stuff isn’t substantiated anywhere other than City AM and I’ve heard no rumours anywhere else so colour me dubious.

Personally, I doubt it

Looks like you can make calls from the lock screen.  Sure it will get patched quickly

Well, I probably didn’t know half a dozen of these

Da Tovarich!  Some good news for my friends in Russia;Google have updated the voice search application to support Russian, Polish, Czech and Turkish.  Hit the Market now for the update.