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I’ve noticed some lag (and the occasional crash) on the Asus Transformer’s Honeycomb browser since the last minor update. Now I understand the Android 3.1 update in June will make the browser, and the OS in general, a hell of a lot more stable but for those tablets that don’t have an announced upgrade date […]

It won’t take much searching on XDA developers to find a copy of the as yet unreleased Flash 10.2 for Android.   I’m currently testing it on an Advent Vega tablet, BBC iPlayer is showing improved performance for a start.  Skipping to the middle of a video no longer puts the audio out of sync […]

Multiple source are reporting that Android Gingerbread might be getting Music Sync built into the Account Sync settings. I can confirm that if you’re running Gingerbread and install the leaked Honeycomb music player doing the rounds on XDA Developers then the menu item does indeed show in account sync(see my screenshot).  Oddly,I’ve been running both […]

Android 2.3 is only a minor upgrade but Lifehacker have a nice visual tour of the new features for end users. We knew this was going to be a minor update with a 0.1 increment in version number, Honeycomb will most likely be Android 3.0 (and probably with a visual overhaul by Matias Duarte)

  Cat’s out the bag, Google Nexus S comes out in the UK 20th December One sentence Summary: I’d rather have a Nexus One, the S isn’t much of an improvement. A few thoughts: Screen – Curved (convex?), interesting Build quality – Not as nice as the Nexus One, simple as that.  Tacky Samsung plastic […]

Nexus 2 rumours


No wordon who is making the Nexus Two or even the veracity of the claims that it’s on it’s way with Gingerbread.  Allegedly it’s going to be sold through Carphone warehouse. This stuff isn’t substantiated anywhere other than City AM and I’ve heard no rumours anywhere else so colour me dubious.

HTC are currently having a launch event in London.  They’ve just announced the HTC Desire Z and HD which Modaco have put details of here.  Both units are coming to Vodafone worldwide in October. They have also announced (it’s not up yet) allowing users to manage their phones from the web, as well as […]