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Engadget are reporting that the recently released (and dead on arrival) Microsoft Kin range of Microsoft smartphones has been cancelled and rolled into Windows Phone 7. Frankly, good. ¬†They should have done this before release, having Kin sent mixed messages about their mobile strategy. ¬†This very much reminds me of the Palm Foleo except this […]

Android 3.0 is apparently going to set some hardware minimums, sounds like a smart idea to me if it’s meant to take on iPhone. Rumoured specs are: It must have a CPU clocked at 1GHz or higher It must have 512MB or more of RAM It must have a screen sized 3.5-inches or higher Native […]

looks like Apple are standing by the statement that YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG when holding your iPhone.

HTC have finally come out and said that the Legend, Desire and Wildfire will all get Froyo/Android 2.2 in Q3 of this year.

Although it feels like Froyo is old news now, Android 2.2 hasn’t actually been released into the wild officially. There were a few OTA updates that went out to select users (mostly tech media by the sound of it) and a couple of leaked Rom. Until now that is. Google have announced that the OTA […]

<a href=""Windows 8 information leaks including Microsoft’s thoughts on Apple

The wait is over, pretty much a year since the Hero was released and it gets the long rumoured and delayed Android 2.1 update.