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If you’re finding that you’re GMail app on Android keeps getting auto sync disabled I might have the answer to your problem. Since the very latest version you can download updates to GMail directly from the Android Market; this is to reduce fragmentation by allowing integral Android components to be updated across all phones regardless […]

I’ve noticed some lag (and the occasional crash) on the Asus Transformer’s Honeycomb browser since the last minor update. Now I understand the Android 3.1 update in June will make the browser, and the OS in general, a hell of a lot more stable but for those tablets that don’t have an announced upgrade date […] There are already a few divx playing apps (Rockplayer, vplayer) but its always nice to see a VLC port.

It won’t take much searching on XDA developers to find a copy of the as yet unreleased Flash 10.2 for Android.   I’m currently testing it on an Advent Vega tablet, BBC iPlayer is showing improved performance for a start. ¬†Skipping to the middle of a video no longer puts the audio out of sync […]

…items of interest include long press in GMail to copy text if you’re on Gingerbread (finally something is being done about the sorry state of the Copy Pasta), it also now allows the sync’ing of custom coloured labels.

An interesting look at HTC’s fortunes since building the Nexus One.