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Computex seems to be where everyone is busting out their tablets, MSI and ASUS have both just announced Windows 7 based devices. Although the promise of 10 hour battery life to take on the iPad is nice, I’m still dubious on the use of Windows 7 to power them. Scaling iPhone OS to a tablet […]

It looks like an enterprising group of developers have figured out how to convert Flash ads and simple content into Javascript/html5.  Full streaming video might still be out of range but this looks mostly aimed at advertisers who want to convert their content quickly for the Apple mobile ecosystems. Smokescreen have a few demos on […]

For Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx”, Canonical decided to move the windows buttons (minimise, maximise and close) from the right hand side to the left.  I can only imagine this is to ape Apple’s OS X. Suffice it to say, I don’t like them on the left so here is how to move them back quickly. […]

CNET reports that Apple could be under investigation for more than just it’s iTunes practices and upsetting Adobe over the ban on Flash/Flash based apps for iPhone. Apparently DoJ investigators are talking to Hollywood and other media sectors about Apple’s practices, though at the moment this is mostly rumour with no official statements yet.

My new install of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) just surprised me. Now it has been very good at detecting all hardware, it found my wireless drivers after hooking it up via Ethernet briefly. It found my NVIDIA drivers automatically also. To ky surprise it then automatically let me tether to my HTC Desire without any […]

I hear there is some kind of sporting event happening with guys kicking something around a field? Sounds boring to me but it’s a good oppourtunity for set top box makers to try and sell you Freeview HD Check out the Reghardware for their group test.

Lets have a quick look at what I didn’t get round to this week 60 really useful iPad tips and tricks – For those lucky folks in the UK who got one Friday Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now live on O2 UK – Palm, you really need to get some new hardware out […]