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Gmail should be rolling out their tweaked interface today, the changes are minor but should include an improved Contacts page. Keep an eye out for the update,until then you can see some screenshots here.

This is going to end up like the HTC Hero 2.1 update rumours, I can see it already. Someone emails HTC spuuort (allegedly) and gets a reply back saying that the update will be in the next two weeks. This is despite the previous rumour of the update arriving on the 23rd June (well, I […]

The Register is reporting that the long awaited HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 will occur at the end of June. We’ve heard this on XDA and other Android forums many times before, The Register are claiming that this is direct from HTC but not the precise source.  This could just be from HTC Support […]

T-Mo have said that they will be bringing Android 2.2 to the MyTouch 3G If you’ve got a G1, I really don’t think you’ll be getting an update to 2.2.  Without repartitioning the memory on the device, it simply can’t handle 2.2 as is.  That isn’t the kind of thing that’s easy to do via […]

HTC have just announced an OTA update. Once I get to a WiFi hotspot I’ll update my Desire and post with details. I hope this is DIVX support Update 1: On the train still but I did a check for update on my device. The release note, if you can call it that, just […]