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Meh.  I don’t know what universe Lazaridis inhabits with phrases like [the tablet is] “an amplified view of what’s already on your BlackBerry”.  Has he actually used those busted,crappy java apps? It’s good that they have built the OS from scratch though, rather than port over the smartphone OS.  Have to wait until 2011 to […]

This is clearly going to be terrible no doubt it’s made by the lowest bidder, don’t be tempted by the £180 price tag kids! Next don’t have much info other than: • 10″ WXGA LCD touchscreen display • Google android operating system • 8GB storage + cardreader • Arm 11 processor • WiFi, 2 x […]

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of a consumer camera that could take a 360 degree picturebut  retaining depth information so that after taking an image you could focus on any part, or even use it to build a 3D model with photogeometry. I think Adobe have just built the most important element, plenoptic lenses, […]

If anyone cares at this point.  Anyone that was in the market for a smartphone this year probably already has av iPhone so you’ve missed another generation MS.

According to BGR this brings priority inbox and changes to the messages actions menu. I’m hoping they’ve made copy and paste a bit better but I’ll update once I’ve installed. UPDATE: *sigh* no, copy and paste is still ridiculous.

*Get to Google Chrome Dev Build’s experimental features quicker: Normally you have to add flags to your Chrome shortcut to enable things like hardware acceleration in the dev build, now Google let you get to these experimental features by typing the following in the address bar about:labs *Add sound notifications to Google Calendar: Go to the […]