Flash 10.2 for Android leaked


It won’t take much searching on XDA developers to find a copy of the as yet unreleased Flash 10.2 for Android.


I’m currently testing it on an Advent Vega tablet, BBC iPlayer is showing improved performance for a start.  Skipping to the middle of a video no longer puts the audio out of sync with the video and it seems a bit less buggy in general.  HDMI out to a TV looks pretty  good with a little bit of artifacting, this might be the quality of the stream though.


Tests on a HTC desire with stock Android (well, Oxygen ROM) does seem to provide any Audio so you may want to wait for the official release.  It’s entirely possible that this version only works on Tegra 2 devices like the Xoom and Vega but this is just my speculation.

2 Responses to “Flash 10.2 for Android leaked”

  1. 1 Veloxin

    Well, I’ll wait for the original release.

    Sent from my HTC Desire @Oxygen v2.0.1 (Android v2.3.3

    • And yet I can see you don’t always like to wait as you’re running the latest Oxygen 😉

      My current ROM of choice.

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