Windows 7 tablets shown off at Computex.Not iPad killers.


Computex seems to be where everyone is busting out their tablets, MSI and ASUS have both just announced Windows 7 based devices.

Although the promise of 10 hour battery life to take on the iPad is nice, I’m still dubious on the use of Windows 7 to power them.

Scaling iPhone OS to a tablet makes sense (though I’d love to see full OS X with a touch interface). Scaling down Windows to a tablet traditionally hasn’t worked very well. How long have we had unsuccessful Windows based tablets now? I’ll be interested to see whether Microsoft prevents Windows Phone 7 from going on tablets, l’d wager they do. They don’t want to canabalise Windows 7 sales for Windows Phone.

I just don’t think Windows performs well enough on low spec kit, they are never going to get something that runs as smooth as the iPad. Yes, it will be more functional, which I applaud, but user experience is the battleground with Apple.

At this stage I’m far more interested in Android/Chrome OS/webOS/Ubuntu tablets.


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