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True to their word (early even) Asus are pushing out the Transformer Android 3.1 update now. If you want to force a check then go to Settings, About Tablet and choose System Update Advertisements

I’ve noticed some lag (and the occasional crash) on the Asus Transformer’s Honeycomb browser since the last minor update. Now I understand the Android 3.1 update in June will make the browser, and the OS in general, a hell of a lot more stable but for those tablets that don’t have an announced upgrade date […]

Computex seems to be where everyone is busting out their tablets, MSI and ASUS have both just announced Windows 7 based devices. Although the promise of 10 hour battery life to take on the iPad is nice, I’m still dubious on the use of Windows 7 to power them. Scaling iPhone OS to a tablet […]