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I’ve been thinking about the “Nokia handset business being bought out by MS” rumours.¬† It sounds pretty crazy at first,what would be left of Nokia? My guess is this scenario: *Microsoft buy the handset division for unknown billions of dollars in pocket change. *Nokia are left with their all their¬† thousands of patents and intellectual […]

It’s funny because it’s true

…The new N8 may be nice but Meego has no release date and Symbian ^4 isn’t due until next year meaning YOU ARE STILL LAGGING BEHIND APPLE (in competitive high end smartphones) by about 4 years in the least. This is just sad. The Register Nokia N8 preview

Lets have a quick look at what I didn’t get round to this week 60 really useful iPad tips and tricks – For those lucky folks in the UK who got one Friday Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now live on O2 UK – Palm, you really need to get some new hardware out […]