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Thank god,the idea of no more Engadget podcast with Josh Topolsky and Nilay Patel was a depressing prospect.  Luckily the two ex-Engadget Editors have announced a new podcast: Advertisements

Engadget have an in depth look at Windows Phone 7 here. I want to get a look at this myself as it at least looks visually interesting.  MS can’t be accused of copying Apple,  the tiles are a completely original UI idea.  I’m glad this isn’t another icon based home screen.   It does look like […]

Engadget have an interesting and very in depth preview of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft have a lot to prove with this new mobile OS, if they can’t at least get a foothold in the mobile space against Apple and Google then they are going to be in serious trouble.  Mobile is where all the growth […]