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Windows 8 fail


Windows 8’s tablet interface just got shown off at D9 and it looks like WinPho essentially.A great idea right?  Slick new interface design,exactly what was needed. RUINED! MS just revealed that there is not a cut down version of Windows got tablets,it’s all the same bloated version for tablets and desktops. I know that I […]

I’ve been thinking about the “Nokia handset business being bought out by MS” rumours.  It sounds pretty crazy at first,what would be left of Nokia? My guess is this scenario: *Microsoft buy the handset division for unknown billions of dollars in pocket change. *Nokia are left with their all their  thousands of patents and intellectual […]

Can be found here   O2 have an exclusive on the HTC HD7

That’s £128m worldwide to you and me, a phenominal amount of money to make in one day (Halo 3 made $170m on it’s first day) I’d love to see what the final production and marketting budget were and how much it would need to take to be considered a success internally, Microsoft never release production […]

The sheer gall of this is stunning.  Microsoft celebrated the RTM of Windows Phone7 with a staged funeral for iPhone and RIM Hope you can back this up by actually delivering a successful product guys.

Engadget have an interesting and very in depth preview of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft have a lot to prove with this new mobile OS, if they can’t at least get a foothold in the mobile space against Apple and Google then they are going to be in serious trouble.  Mobile is where all the growth […]

Well this is a rather pessimistic view of Windows 7’s chances on release. The sad thing is, with iOS 4 and Android 2.2 both out now, Windows Phone 7’s impressive demo at the start of this year is now looking dated before it’s even out. MS will be the only major player releasing without multitasking […]