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If you’re finding that you’re GMail app on Android keeps getting auto sync disabled I might have the answer to your problem. Since the very latest version you can download updates to GMail directly from the Android Market; this is to reduce fragmentation by allowing integral Android components to be updated across all phones regardless […]

Multiple source are reporting that Android Gingerbread might be getting Music Sync built into the Account Sync settings. I can confirm that if you’re running Gingerbread and install the leaked Honeycomb music player doing the rounds on XDA Developers then the menu item does indeed show in account sync(see my screenshot).  Oddly,I’ve been running both […]

Then you might like to look at iSyncr

Engadget have been covering the iPhone Wireless Sync that was banned from the App Store. Now the real question is, did Apple ban this from the App Store because wireless sync is coming with the new iPhone this summer? Wireless sync is something fairly easy for them to develop, by that I mean it shouldn’t […]

I had this problem yesterday, luckily the answer was easy to Google even if I’m still not sure what caused it. If you’re contacts are not sync’ing with GMail then the first thing to do is go to: *Settings *Accounts and Sync. If there is a problem you will see a message at the bottom […]