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Multiple source are reporting that Android Gingerbread might be getting Music Sync built into the Account Sync settings. I can confirm that if you’re running Gingerbread and install the leaked Honeycomb music player doing the rounds on XDA Developers then the menu item does indeed show in account sync(see my screenshot).  Oddly,I’ve been running both […]

Google have released a brief video showcasing Android 3.0/Honeycomb and confirm that it’s specifically for tablets,not phones.

Android 2.3 is only a minor upgrade but Lifehacker have a nice visual tour of the new features for end users. We knew this was going to be a minor update with a 0.1 increment in version number, Honeycomb will most likely be Android 3.0 (and probably with a visual overhaul by Matias Duarte)

Wow, what took so long? Upon further investigation, it seems offline caching isn’t enabled yet. I’m sticking with Newsrob.

I recently wanted to get a larger capacity Micro SDHC card to run app2sd+ (guide coming soon) on Android. The class of a Micro SDHC is very important in this instance, it should be a a minimum of a class 4 (this just means that under optimal conditions, with non fragmented data, it will write […]

If you’re having problems downloading apps (Download Paused or Unsuccessful Download messages), it’s not you, it’s the market.   Google have acknowledged there are issues at the moment.  I don’t know if this is related to Google Maps 4.6 being released today as well

…it’s real and it’s an Android