Advent Vega Android Tablet – either going to be great or terrible


If the Advent Vega lives up to the specs  below, it’ll be the first low cost 10-Inch capacitive touchscreen Android tablet that isn’t junk.  Due to be released by Dixons group on 18th October for £250, it’s running the latest Android 2.2 and houses a 1Ghz Tegra chipset, so on paper at least it looks to be promising.  Of course, this will all come down to execution and if there’s no Android Market, no deal.

Product Name: Vega

Product ID: P10AN01

Processor: Nvidia T20 Tegra 2

Processor speed: 1GHz

RAM: 512MB

ROM: 512MB

Included microSD Card: 4GB

Screen resolution: 1024 x 600

Widescreen: yes

LED Screen: yes

WiFi: 802.11bg

Bluetooth: 2.1 +EDR

Memory card Reader: microSD card

Webcam: 1.3 Megapixels

Touch screen technology: Projective Capacitive

Multi-touch: 4 fingers Built-in 3G broadband

SIM card slot: yes

Battery Type: Li-Polymer

Number of battery cells: 2

Battery life :

Play Audio (LCD off) : 16hr

Play 1080p Video : 6.5hr

Stand by : 4 days

Operating System: Android 2.2 Froyo

Microphone: yes

Dimensions: 275mm / 178mm / 13.6mmWeight: 700~750g

Colour: Black


Update: There’s a video here


2 Responses to “Advent Vega Android Tablet – either going to be great or terrible”

  1. 1 ab

    I got one and it is great… few bugs though…

    over-sensitive touch-screen, accelerometer does not work well with tilt games. Fixes are available though off, but requires playing around a fair bit. So not ideal if you are not computer literate.

    • Yeah;I’ve got one too now.Bargain for 250. Modaco update is mandatory though. Only an iPad alternative if you’re willing to modify it.

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