Preview: Adobe Air early build leaked

Phandroid have put up an early build of Adobe’s Air platform for Android along with a couple of Apps.
It’s probably unfair to give it a full review at the moment as it’s not released but I did give it a try myself and have some positive things to say about it.
The first thing to note is that Air is a sizable install, taking up around 20MB of memory, this is an issue at the moment but should be resolved with Apps to SD in Froyo.  Once installed the apps themselves are just APK files as normal and I expect will be available in the Market.
There are only two apps provided to test with, one is a paint app and the other appears to be a very basic game involving shapes (think Eliss for iPhone).    Neither are processor or graphics intensive so it’s hard to gauge any overhead from the Air platform.  Both ran smoothly and had nice, slick interface animation so at this stage I have no Apple like qualms about app quality problems when running another SDK on top of Android.
In fact I rather look forward to a whole slew of new developers being invited on to Android platform with as few obstacles as possible for them to get their apps ported over.  I guess time will tell how popular and well made these apps will be but so far this demo looks pretty good.
If you’re running Android 2.1 or 2.2 you can give Air a try for yourself:
Download Adobe Air here
Download the apps here

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