HTC Vision: Nexus One/HTC Desire with slider keyboard


This is interesting simply because there are so few decent slider devices running Android.

Engadget have a leaked photo of just that, the HTC Vision is a 3.7″ touch screen with a slide out landscape keyboard and Snapdragon processor.  It’s not looking like the prettiest girl at the ball but pro users will probably only have the choice of this or the Droid 2 if they want a decent hardware keyboard.  As Engadget point out, HTC are renowned for good hardware keyboard design.

Information is a bit low on the ground but from the picture I think this is running Sense rather than stock Android as the notification bar is black.  It has a mixture of the Nexus One’s touch sensitive buttons and the HTC Desire’s optical trackpad.

We’ll have to keep our eye on this one.


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