Is iOS 4 going to block jailbreaking?


ReadwriteWeb have picked up on a rumour that Apple are working on a secret update for iOS 4 that will disable phones that are unlocked or jailbroken.

The rumour goes that an over the air check will run on phones every 7 to 14 days reporting back on firmware and baseband. If a user doesn’t install mandatory updates then their phone will be disabled until they plug it into iTunes for the update.

I’m not sure on the veracity of these claims but it’s no secret Apple hates jailbreakers. The jailbreakers iPhone Dev Team think it’s unlikely, asking how exactly AT&T would do an OTA check on a device unlocked and put on T-Mo (through a simple internet connection?).

I have to ask, does it even matter if they do this? The jailbreakers always manage to circumvent any measure Apple institutes, the war will just escalate.


One Response to “Is iOS 4 going to block jailbreaking?”

  1. 1 n8k99

    looks like this might be happening and not just for iOS 4. both my phone 3G (running iOS 4) and my wife’s 2G (running 3.1.2) have lost the internet settings and any connection via EDGE on T-Mobile.

    i suspect that there has been a core system change as the result of updating some apps from the App store.

    I was on the phone with T-Mobile technical support for an hour tonight and they were pretty stumped as well.

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