Google Search background:How do I turn off this bull$*1*?


I’ve just been looking to see how the hell you turn off the terrible “Bing like” Google Search background image.

Although you can set a new background image of your own, you cannot disable the feature!

Typical Google, they don’t think about people wanting to disable whatever they force roll-out. It’s like Buzz going straight into my Gmail all over again. They really need to start thinking out how users might react. There are quite a few forum requests similar to this post title.

The best I can come up with is setting your background by uploading a white image file, it doesn’t quite work (See above).  You can do this by pressing Change background image in the bottom left.

I like Google search because it is clean and clear, not a Yahoo mess.


I’ll let you know when I can turn this off.

UPDATE: As a temporary fix you can set your homepage to the IP address

UPDATE 2: I love Lifehacker, but this solution is the same as my “upload white image file” solution sadly.  I got all excited for a minute

FINALLY: It looks like the page now has a blue, red, yellow and green dot to the top right of the word Google.  If you click it, you get the Google doodle of the day as usual.


2 Responses to “Google Search background:How do I turn off this bull$*1*?”

  1. 1 Kim Ma

    If I had a quarter for each time I came to Amazing post.

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