The problem with Microsoft and tablets

The problem is they are all talk and no action
Paul Thurrott has an excellent article called It’s Moment of Truth Time, Microsoft that I thoroughly agree with.  MS are failing on all fronts, not just tablets.  They have been trying to push tablets for over 10 years though  and failed miserably.  Ballmer’s leadership is simply not working, there is very little innovation coming out of Redmond despite spending billions on R&D.
What they probably need to do is partner with a hardware manufacturer and actually bring out reference hardware, much like Google did with the Nexus One.  Show the OEMs exactly what they should be aiming for, raise the bar for hardware and software.  If you don’t, we’re simply going to get the same poorly executed, bloated, underpowered UI nightmares that we’ve been getting until the iPad.
The conspiracy theories about Robbie Bach and J Allard being Apple plants are hilarious and totally ridiculous.
It is time to stop making excuses and  actually execute on your ideas Microsoft.  I have a feeling all the buzz about Windows Phone 7 is going to end up like the Palm Pre.  Promising at the start but within 18 months of launch, a financial and market share failure.

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