Android gets doubleTwist, the media player it deserves finally


Android media playback isn’t as slick as on iPhone.  There, I said it.   This isn’t a surprise considering iPod Touch and iPhones built on the headstart Apple already had.

But after making what people already dub iTunes for Android, doubleTwist have now released an Android app for media playback.

The music player is nice, better than the stock player but not quite the HTC solution.

You also get a podcaster, no OTA download, you have to sync with the desktop software. Hopefully they will update this, still a great inclusion.

Video playback is nice but I’ve noted it only saves the video position on certain mp4 files, I tested on a TED talk and it worked. Videos encoded in Handbrake on H264 didn’t resume so I might need to fiddle with the encoding.   I’ll update when I have the magic formula.

In general, the UI is just nicer than media players like Meridian.  Not a dis, I love Meridian but this is true, I’ve often wondered why the players in the MArket have such horrendous design.

Get doubleTwist today and give it a try


3 Responses to “Android gets doubleTwist, the media player it deserves finally”

  1. I have been using doubleTwist for some time now on my Mac and I think it is great. It works really well and does not seem to have any obvious bugs. I am not overly impressed with the built in player, but none the less, a fine product.

  2. 2 Troll

    You own a Mac? Then you own the best media experience of all – iTunes. This is what Android needs.

    End. Of.

  3. Android continues to expand very well it is so useful it will continue to grow

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