Android Fragmentation: Updates to eventually be on once a year schedule

Google VP Andy Rubin, founder of Android, has confirmed the rumours that Android will eventually be moving to a once yearly update schedule similar to the iPhone.
The crazy pace of development in the last 18 months that’s taken us from the humble G1 to the monterous Evo 4G (monsterous in a good way) will slow now that the feature set is becoming more complete and on par with iPhone.
At the moment the updates are twice a year, perhaps this will change after Gingerbread later in 2010.
I’m sure manufacturers, carriers and customers alike will be breathing a sigh of relief.  This should reduce the percieved fragmentation of the OS and allow devices to catch up with the latest revisions.
Other news today suggests that the problem might be improving slightly, at least until Android 2.2 “Froyo” is released.  It looks like updates from Motorola (Droid/Milestone), HTC (Droid Eris) and Samsung (Moment) have all contributed to Android 2.1 now being on close to 50% of all Android devices.
It’s still sad to see that when combined, Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices outnumber 2.1.

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