Apple iPad first impressions


Just been in the Apple Store on Oxford Street to try out the iPad for the first time.  First impressions are the most important so:

Slick – The interface is just as quick and responsive as I expected it to be.  And so it should be, a 1GHz processor and no multitasking (yet)

Keyboard – Too wide in landscape and portrait. In both modes you can only really type with one hand, I’m very efficient at typing with two thumbs now on touchscreen devices so this is a step backwards. No,resting it on my lap, hunched over, isn’t a solution.

Video Playback – Very nice indeed, gave the Inception trailer a play from the browser, screen is great

Tiny – I don’t know why people are whining about it’s size and the toll it takes on their arms, it’s smaller and thinner than I expected

Browser – Tabs kept reloading, annoying and apparently a memory issue.  The idea that this is the best browsing experience is not really trye but it is a very nice browser.  Mobile Safari is the gold standard of  mobile browsers still.

iBooks – Don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s not that fantastic.

Comic Books – Didn’t get to try this sadly

Games – Graphics are alright, I played some racing game that was responsive but I think it was upscaled graphically from the iPhone version (rather than native resolution).

Price – If it was £200 I’d get one, but I don’t think the price to functionality ratio is good enough.  Maybe OS 4.0 will change my mind, the lack of multitasking seems really weird on such a large screen.

The insurmountable problem though is that this needs attaching to a “real” computer running iTunes.  I really don’t like iTunes and it’s one of the big reasons I switch from my iPhone 3G.


One Response to “Apple iPad first impressions”

  1. I am pleased to see such a positive response to this device from you. It would be amazing if this device was set at the £200, but I think most unrealistic. An iPod Touch starts at £152. I think the £299 mark would make more appealing. Again, it will be very interesting to see what the early adopters have to say about the device after using it for an extended period.

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