iPhone OS 4.0 will be a failure if….


If anyone I know with an iPhone jailbreaks OS 4.0, I’m declaring it a failure. No, I don’t mean the geeks, I mean the people that only jailbroke when they realised Spotify didn’t run in the background (and you Ash, if you jailbreak for any reason). I’m looking at you Byline users who want feeds downloading in the background.

Four major iterations and it still doesn’t do what people need? I really hope Apple pull it out the bag because despite complaints that Google is fragmenting Android (and they are) at least the reason is that the OS is evolving and adding tons of feature innovations people actually want.

I’ve owned an iPod Touch, iPhone 3G,HTC G1, HTC Hero and now a HTC Desire. I jailbbroke or gained root access for all with the exception of the Desire. After almost 2 months I think this is the first smartphone where I have no intention of doing so either (anyone that knows me knows I love to hack and tinker too). Rooting isn’t the same as jailbreaking, most people root for the purpose of trying new ROMs. It’s more a hardware hacker movement than consumers wanting extra features. I’d wager the percentage of rooted Android users is a lot lower than the percentage of jailbroken iPhone users. Not to mention the Nexus One doesn’t even need rooting, you can do whatever you like to it and you have the benefit of Google developing and releasing Android to that device first every time.

iPhone OS 4.0 needs to raise it’s game and I hope on June 7th I will be as excited as any Apple fanboy with whatever they bust out.

Prove me wrong Steve.


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