HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo update, June 23rd?

The rumours have begun, a HTC support supervisor let slip that the release date for Android 2.2 on The HTC Desire will be June 23rd.  Even if this is to be trusted (and there is lots of hot air on XDA Developers) expect this date to get pushed back and back and back, just like the HTC Hero 2.1 update.
I hope it’s true, I just haven’t seen any evidence previously that HTC can get updates out in a timely manner.  The Hero in Europe is still waiting for 2.1.  Granted the US version, Droid Eris, has already received 2.1 already.
HTC claim that Sense is tightly integrated into Android and this is why the updates take so long.  One thing that filled me with hope was that in the Desire they have now added over the air updating, hopefully this is a sign that they are thinking of ways of making updates quicker and easier for users and may have come up with other methods on the development side as well to improve the speed of updates.
Fingers crossed.  As someone on XDA posted, if HTC can show that they can get an update out 1 month after the Nexus One then they have me forever.

6 Responses to “HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo update, June 23rd?”

  1. 1 Angel

    I know this is something that the Smart Adopter will be praying for!

  2. I don’t think there’s a chance of this happening unless HTC got a very early preview of the 2.2 OS to start developing in advance.

    My money’s on the good old Internet myth firing up and spreading like wild fire sadly, but I’ll be happy if I’m proven wrong.

  3. On the contrary, if anyone has a copy of Froyo it’s HTC (though it’s probably a very early build). I’ve heard on more than one occasion that there are HTC engineers on secondment to the Google campus. They are easily Google’s closest hardware partner and they manufactured Googles two most important phones, the G1 and Nexus One. I wouldn’t be surprised if their seconded engineers have a large role in Android development as a result.

  4. Sense would surely be built on a stable release of Froyo, not an early development. With that in mind, they’d need a while to get Sense up to speed with Froyo, to then test it and iron bugs out etc. It’s not good practice to release something too early and annoy customers with bugs.

    Also consider how long people on other HTC handsets have been waiting for 2.1, never mind 2.2.

    I’m not claiming to know for sure, but I’d be surprised if the update is out on the 23rd of June. Having said that, nobody knows for sure either way. It’s easy to start an internet rumour on such a popular and anticipated topic.

  5. I agree, they have done nothing so far to show they can get Sense versions of an update out on time. The problem is we don’t know how integrated sense is into Android and how much effort it takes.

  6. At that same time,I’m sure that they test integration of Sense on early builds of 2.2. You could get leaked 2.1 ROMS for the Hero very soon after its official announcement. They didn’t work very well but someone in HTC puts Sense on stock Android pretty early on.

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