Android 2.2 – Finally general copy and paste for native GMail app

Lifehacker have their favourite Android 2.2 features in screen shots and it includes an important feature I’ve been waiting for.
Finally Google have implmented the ability to copy and paste in the native GMail app, previously you could only copy links, email addresses and phone numbers.  Now all text can be copied.  Now the implementation is still clunky with too many steps, as Lifehacker point out, you have to go to the menu button.  I don’t get it, why is it so hard to just have a long press on the screen for this?  Bizarre.
On the HTC desire I’m currently having the in built HTC Mail app download my inbox via exchange and use it in tandem with the GMail app.  That way I can use HTC’s brililant copy and paste functionality whenever I need something out of GMail.  Not perfect but far better than nothing.

2 Responses to “Android 2.2 – Finally general copy and paste for native GMail app”

  1. 1 Angel

    I find it so strange that you could not do copy and paste on the text. A bit Apple wouldn’t you say!?

  2. Fuh … done it. Put up Samsung Universal motorist and
    home windows 8 considered it much better motorist,
    though it never ever worked. It can be deleted trough the Control board -)
    Programs and something. After that simply adhere to Aaron write-up.
    Fun … Many thanks !!! ).

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