Hotmail gearing up to take on Gmail

Microsoft are to release a Hotmail overhaul next Monday.  This should include speed improvements, threading and tagging, social integration and finally a decent mobile interface.  The current mobile interface is dreadfully embarassing.
Sorry Microsoft, too little too late.  Hotmail long since lost mindshare with geeks and the number of Gmail users is creeping up to Hotmail levels, probably due to Android devices requiring a Google account.

One Response to “Hotmail gearing up to take on Gmail”

  1. 1 Angel

    I agree, Microsoft have fallen far too far behind. I know so many people who have migrated from Hotmail to Gmail and will never look back. They would have to come out with something totally amazing an revolutionary for people to go back. At least it will be something nice for those user who are not aware of anything else. Also I’d rather stick with the smaller address thanks, now that the UK are back to using @gmail domain.

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