Review: Dropbox for Android

I’ve been using Dropbox, along with LogMeIn, to allow me to synchronise files and manage a media server I run at home for a good few years now.   Dropbox is a fantastic free service for keeping files synchronised over multiple machines and can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows.
They’ve been making mobile versions for iPhone, iPad (Blackberry still to come), and now they’ve finally brought it to Android.  One of the useful things I’ve come up with for Dropbox is getting my server at home to kick off torrents.  Set utorrent to search the synchronised Dropbox folder for any new .torrent files and download them automatically (I think a few other torrenting apps should allow you to do this)
The first thing to note is that Dropbox on Android doesn’t run in the background constantly sync’ing your files as it does on the desktop versions.  Instead, it allows you to access  files already in your dropbox as well as upload images, text files and videos from your Android device.
The other nice feature is the ability to email links to a specific file in your dropbox or share that file with other apps on your device using the built in Android share function.  I could for instance select an image in my Dropbox and share it with the PicSay image editor.
My only complaints thus far are that it is limited to certain types of files for the upload(text, video and photos only).  It would be nice to select any files stored on the SD card instead.
The other problem is uploading multiple files isn’t an option.  The last time I wanted to use Dropbox was on hoiday in Orlando, I’d filled my SD card with photos and video and wanted to free this up by uploading a large batch and clearing the card.  At the moment, this isn’t and issue but I have emailed the developers to see whether it’s on the cards.
All in all though, this initial release of Dropbox is promising and definitely useful if you need to accesss files on the go.
You can find it in the Android Market now and the online service is at

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