Review: Official Twitter App for Android


There was a lot of fuss last week when Twitter bought Tweetie the iPhone client in order to make it the official Twitter app.
Now I can see why they would do this.  Tweetie is already considered one of the leading clients and by doing this they’ve instantly gained a foothold in the App Store with the best Twitter app and for very little effort.  Twitter will probably leverage the app for advertising revenue (lord knows they need to find a revenue stream soon).
Hot on the heels of this aquisition, Twitter have released a Twitter client Android.  Rather than buy an existing app it seems they have been working developing one themselves, I hear they may have worked closely with Google themselves.
Frankly, Twidroid (probably the leading Android Twitter app) needs to up it’s game.  I’m a big fan of Twidroid Pro but this is the first app of any kind that has really reminded me of the ease and simplicity of the iPhone’s interface.  The benefit though comes from Android’s ability to tweak, tinker and personalise the settings.  It’s just full of slick animations and has a very fast response.
This is one of the best integrated and best looking apps for Android full stop, nevermind just Twitter Apps.
Among the features:
Super fast and with plenty of slick animated background and menus
Contact integration with your phone book so you can be up to date with your contacts’ latest tweets.
When creating a new tweet there’s a handy contact button allowing you to quickly tweet a contact (seems to work better than Twidroid’s autocomplete)
List support (not tried this as I don’t really use it)
At the main menu there is an animated bird spouting all the trending topics for you
The only thing I currently crave is support for multiple accounts, hopefully this is in their plans.
There’s only one small caveat, as it’s integrated into the account sync of Android, this will only work on 2.x devices.  If you’re good to go though, give it a try.

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